The App

The Innovate! Inside the Box is a web application that facilitates the use of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT). SIT is a comprehensive suite of Thinking Tools, Principles, Facilitation, Project Management, and Organizational Innovation programs. The five unique techniques in this app are the core of the SIT method, and were developed through rigorous research, studying thousands of patents and inventive solutions. Subscribe to the app HERE!.


How to Use the App:

  1. Go to How to Use the App on the Home page to read about Systematic Inventive Thinking and the Principle of Function Follows Form.
  2. Select Learn a Technique to understand how each one works.
  3. Go to My Projects look at the Refrigerator example and the five sample ideas generated by the app. Review the Ideas List for examples of ideas generated with each technique.
  4. Start a New Project by entering the Name of a product or service that you want to innovate (for example – a toaster, a TV, a recruiting process, and so on) and a brief Description. Hit Create a New Project button.
  5. Type in the major components and attributes. When listing attributes, we suggest that you always include the attributes of price and time, though it’s not required. Be sure to hit the Save button.
  6. Once you have your components and attributes loaded, select a technique and let it create new configurations one component or attribute at a time. At first, the new configuration may seem absurd and bizarre.This is perfectly normal. Don’t let it discourage you!
  7. Read the Virtual Product. Use the Principle of Function Follows and ask yourself these helpful questions: Could I sell this to someone? Who would want it and why? What benefit are they getting out of it? Who else could benefit and where? At work, home, somewhere else?
  8. If you like the idea, hit the Like It button to write a description of it. If not, hit the Next Idea button to get a new Virtual Product. Repeat through all the components and attributes.
  9. Share your ideas via email, Facebook, or Twitter.