If you’ve read Inside the Box and are wanting more, check out the resources we’ve created. All of these are free — along with a free subscription to our newsletter — when you register.

1. NEW! Book Club Discussion Guide

Is your Book Club focusing on creativity and innovation? If so, this Inside the Box Discussion Guide will be an invaluable resource to stimulate the group.

2. Podcast

Listen to this 8 minute podcast as Drew explains the basic steps of Systematic Inventive Thinking.

3. Webinars

Check out the series of upcoming webinars featuring a variety of topics on innovation and putting the SIT method to use.

4. Innovator Quiz

Are you an innovator? Take this 15 question test to find out just how innovative you are. The results may surprise you.

5. Team Innovation

Innovation is a team sport. Download Drew’s paper, A Structured, Facilitated Team Approach to Innovation, where he shares his experience on how best to form highly functioning teams for innovation workshops.

6. Organizational Innovation

We’ve found that the best practice for creating a self-sustaining culture and practice of innovation across an organization is to employ the “Three Pillars of Innovation” approach. Contact SIT Ltd. to learn more about how such an approach can help you generate impactful Return on Innovation (ROI) immediately, while rapidly scaling up to make innovation an accessible and practical tool across your organization.

7. The Research

If products could talk, what secrets would they reveal about they were invented and how they evolved? Download Jacob’s original research that caused Wall Street Journal to name him one of the top ten people likely to change the world.

8. For Teachers

Both Drew and Jacob teach innovation and creativity at their respective universities. If you are interested in teaching Systematic Inventive Thinking, download their latest course Syllabi. If you are interested in a copy of their slides, contact them via email.

9. For Parents

Children can learn Systematic Inventive Thinking just as effectively as adults. Read about
it in the Epilogue of the book, then download Drew’s PowerPoint slides that he uses to teach SIT to children.

10. How Much Innovation Do I Need?

Chances are you need to come up with new product and service ideas. But how much is enough?Download the Map the Gap tool to calculate just how many new ideas you need to hit your revenue goals.

11. The Dream Catalog

Once you have used Systematic Inventive Thinking, how do you get others in your organization to get excited about them. Download an example of a Dream Catalog, a hypothetical future catalog that portrays the best of your ideas in graphic form.

12. The Lighter Side

Humor and innovation are essentially the same process: the sudden collision of two previously unrelated themes. Click here for a light look at what it means to be inside the box.